Enterocytes of an orally infected drosophila PGRP-LE-GFP transgenic larvae

Photo Bernard Charroux, IBDM

Host-pathogen interaction can be study in simple organism like the worm C. elegans

Photo Natalie Pujol, CIML

3D Recording of a C. elegans embryo expressing an histone::GFP fusion using light sheet microscope (Digital Scanned Light Sheet Microscope). Recording conditions: acquisition of a stack of 80 slices (distance between slices 0.5μm); exposure time: 200ms for each channel.

Photo Claire Chardes, IBDM

INformation Flow and ORganization at the Membrane

The INFORM program sets up an interdisciplinary consortium in the Luminy campus of Aix Marseille University, gathering 12 laboratories in Biology, Mathematics and Physics. The objective is to quantitatively understand the biochemical and mechanical basis of cell signaling, both in normal and disease conditions.


Practical Courses in Quantitative Biology

The LabEx INFORM is organizing a practical courses in quantitative biology for engineers from Ecole Centrale Marseille. Students who follow …


EMBO Workshop | Dynamics of living systems, 25 – 29 September 2017 | Cargèse, France
EMBO Workshop | Dynamics of living systems, 25 – 29 September 2017 | Cargèse, France

Living systems are intrinsically dynamic as they develop, renew their components, adapt to their physiological environment. This is illustrated for …


Thomas Lecuit
Thomas Lecuit appointed Professor at the Collège de France on a new chair "Dynamics of Living Systems"

Thomas LECUIT heads the “Architecture and Dynamics of Biological Tissues” team at the Institute of Developmental Biology of Marseille (IBDM). …


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