INFORM PhD Students

All INFORM PhD students already attended at least one international workshop, a week long practical training on imaging techniques and a 2 weeks long PhD starting program.



2016 Fellows

Vincent Loreau, French

Team F. Schnorrer (IBDM)
– Quantifying mechanical forces across titin during myofibril formation in vivo

Jessica Colombo, Italian

Team A. Michelot (IBDM)
– Molecular basis of actin cellular cycle.

Ambra Masuzzo, Italian

Team J. Royet (IBDM)
– Impact of bacteria peptidoglycan on octopaminecgic neurons in Drosophila.

Konstantina Filippopoulou, Greek

Team V. Bertrand (IBDM)
– Mechanisms limiting variability in C elegans neurons specification.

Ali Hashmi, Pakistani

Team PF. Lenne (IBDM)
– Self-organizing principles in early mammal morphogenesis using a minimal in vitro system: a quantitative approach.

2015 Fellows

Davide Amoroso, Italian

Team P. Pierre & E. Gatti (CIML)
– Dendritic Cell Biology.

Tom Borianne, French

Team D. Marguet & H-T. He (CIML)
– Study of the relationship between the T cell membrane dynamics and signal potential.

Jan Valecka, Czech republic

Team P. Pierre & E. Gatti (CIML)
– Role of RUFY4 in autophagia and immunity.

Grigory Tagiltsev, Russian

Team T. Scheuring (LAI)
– Structure and dynamics of endocytosis studied by HS-AFM.

Jean-Christophe Lone, French

Team J. Ewbank & N. Pujol (CIML)
– Interaction host pathogen in C. Elegans.

Lisiena Hysenaj, Albanian

Team J.P. Gorvel (CIML)
– Influence of Brucella in hematopoeitic stem cells homeostasis.

Xuan Luo, Chinese

Team P. Bongrand (LAI)
– In vitro quantitative study of leukocytes chemotaxis.

Luca Crevatin, Italian

Team Le Bivic (IBDM)
– Influence of pathogenic stimuli on integrin mediated T lymphocyte motility.

Amrutha Palavalli, Indian

Team T. Lecuit (IBDM)
– Morphogenesis of Drosophila multi-dendritic preipheral neurons.

Nishant Thakur, Indian

Team J. Ewbank & N. Pujol (CIML)
– Innate immunity in C.elegans


2014 Fellows

Anaïs Sadoun, French

Team P. Bongrand (LAI),
– Mechanotransduction of T lymphocytes.

Lucrecia Alberdi, Argentine

Team JP. Gorvel (CIML)
– Definition of a minimal in vitro system for the formation Salmonella‐induced tubules–like structures and their biochemical and biophysical characterization.

Kahina Kourdache, Franco-Algerian

Teams D. Marguet and J. Ewbank (CIML)
– Cell plasma membrane regulates signaling processes: how caveolae are involved ?

Anaïs Bailles, French

Team T. Lecuit (IBDM)
– Intercellular coupling and mechanical feedbacks during morphogenesis.


2013 Fellows

Clara Taffoni, Italian

Team  J. Ewbank (CIML)
– Monitoring the first steps of the host response to fungal infection and wounding in C. elegans epidermis.

Veronika Aksenova, Russian

Team A. Le Bivic (IBDM)
– Crosstalk between polarity proteins and adherens junctions in epithelial morphogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster.

Yoon Koo, Korean

Teams C. Mionnet (LAI) and JP. Gorvel (CIML)
– Influence of pathogenic stimuli on integrin mediated T lymphocyte motility.

Florence Capo, French

Team J. Royet (IBDM)
– Mechanisms of peptidoglycan sensing and signaling in Drosophila gut.

Shilpa Kaur, Indian

Team V. Bertrand (IBDM)
– Role of Wnt ligands in the polarization of neuronal precursors in C. elegans.

Pruthvi Chavadimane, Indian

Team PF. Lenne (IBDM)
– How to make a new contact between cells during tissue morphogenesis.


2012 Fellows

Girish Kale, Indian

Team T. Lecuit (IBDM)
 – Molecular basis of forces transmission via adhesion complexes.

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