J.P. Gorvel

Cell biology and immunology of pathogen-host cell interactions


  1. As Salmonella resistance towards antibiotics increases, it is critical to identify the molecular interactions taking place during infection. We are developing an in vitro system that reconstitutes the membrane tubulation and the vesicular exchanges observed in Salmonella-infected cells. It involves artificial membrane vesicles as biomimetics of the bacterial vacuoles. Fluorescence and atomic force microscopy are used to analyze the forces, membrane deformations and molecular rearrangements leading to tubulation.
  2. The bacterial 1,2 beta cyclic glucan (CbG) is a potent activator of dendritic cells (DC) considered as a new class of adjuvants. We aim at studying the CbG/DC interactions at the plasma membrane using correlation fluorescence spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy and single molecule tracking.
  3. The third project is to understand the reprograming of bone marrow stem cells at the onset of infection using Brucella pathogenic bacteria. We will study not the differentiation process but also the movements and migration that undergo differentiating stem cells after infection using 2-photon microscopy using transgenic fluorescent mice available at CIML and CIPHE.
  4. Another project is centered on the role of integrins expressed by T cells and their control on migratory property during and infection by Bordetella pertussis.




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Jean-Pierre Gorvel

Group leader

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Lisiena Hysenaj

PhD student

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Project title: Mechanisms involved in stem cell differentiation during Brucella infection


Vilma Arce Gorvel

Technical staff

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Project title: Vaccine design in bacteria infection models


Stéphane Méresse


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Project title: Cell biology of Salmonella infection


Lucrecia Alberdi

PhD student

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Project title: Reconstitution in vitro of Salmonella-induced filaments


Leonardo Panunzi


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Project title: Membrane dynamics induced by CbG