P. Pierre & E. Gatti

Dendritic cell biology


Our research focus on the biology of cells exposed to microbial challenges and endeavours the functional dissection of novel signaling pathways involved in the acquisition of immunomodulating functions. Among immune cells, dendritic cells (DCs) have the unique capacity to initiate immune responses by stimulating naive T cells and producing various cytokines after encountering pathogens. Our laboratory aims to gain fundamental knowledge of the metabolic and signaling pathways participating to this process by investigating protein synthesis, organelle dynamic, intracellular traffic of innate receptors, autophagy and antigen processing and presentation.

We are particularly interested in characterizing the heterogeneity of endosomal compartments, that can serve as distinct platforms for the assembly of signaling complexes, leading alternatively to pro-survival, type-I interferons or and pro-inflammatory responses in stimulated DCs.

By using advanced imaging technologies and systems biology approaches, we aim at mapping these fundamental processes and compartments and quantifying their contribution to key immune signalling cascades and learn how they could be potentially modulated for therapeutic purposes.



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Philippe Pierre

Group leader

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Evelina Gatti


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Evelina Gatti, project leader, staff scientist (CR1 CNRS), Italian. Since her post-doctoral training at Yale University, she studies the molecular mechanisms regulating antigen processing and presentation in human and murine antigen presenting cells. In 2000, she co-founded the lab. She now focus on the role of ubiquitination in the cell biology of dendritic cells as well as of non-professional antigen presenting cells.


Jan Valecka

PhD student

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Voahirana Camosseto

Technical staff

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