The Science Behind The Flu Shot Answer Key

Nasal spray vaccine is made with attenuated. Its just the flu It will just go away on its own.

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Understanding Vaccine Science.

The science behind the flu shot answer key. Some people such as older people young children and people with certain health conditions are at high risk of serious flu complications. Pregnant women should not get the flu shot. What kind of vaccine is it.

There are many different strains of the flu and the predominant strains that spread change each flu season. The swine flu is actually a strain of influenza with genes from flu that infected pigs flu that infected birds and flu that infected people. Understanding the science behind vaccines including how viruses and bacteria affect your immune system what vaccines are made of and how vaccines work with the bodys immune system can help you begin to appreciate how they help prevent us from suffering from dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases.

World Health Organization WHO determines which strains of influenza virus will most likely be those that are the most active during flu season. The history of the scientific method in vaccine research has led to todays carefully regulated vaccine development process. It can cause mild to severe illness.

Over the years the standards for vaccine studies have grown progressively more stringent to make the control groups and the vaccine. The most common influenza vaccine is made from inactivated killed viruses that are given as an intra-muscular injection. COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous.

Flu contain antigens from three strains of flu virus. This will help the virus to multiply and then after 48 hours the egg is opened releasing the virus which is then deactivated. There are two main types of influenza flu virus.

While the antigen changes in the flu vaccine every year the manufacturing process remains the same and is founded on ongoing virus tracking around the world. The vaccine is made either with a flu vaccine viruses that have been killed inactivated and are therefore not infectious or b with proteins from a flu vaccine virus instead of flu vaccine viruses which is the case for recombinant influenza vaccine. Recognize that the influenza vaccine does not protect against all illnesses that might be commonly identified as flu.

Its strong efficacy and ability to be stored at a less strict temperature range makes experts hopeful that the rollout of this vaccine will help close some gaps in vaccine access both in this. Understand that the flu vaccine is not recommended for all people while others are considered high risk individuals. A disreputable web site used an unsourced and fabricated quote to link deaths from the flu epidemic to the flu shot.

Did a CDC Doctor Say the Flu Shot Is Causing a Deadly Outbreak. If the question is whether we can stop this pandemic with this vaccine then my answer is. The answer is no.

Flu vaccines contains dangerous ingredients such as mercury formaldehyde and antifreeze. The Spanish flu outbreak. The flu vaccine gives you the flu or makes you sick.

Scientists can determine which flu virus is most likely to circulate during the next flu season and once identified can change the antigen but keep everything else in the vaccine the same. The flu shot works by exposing an individual to an inactivated form of the influenza virus aka the flu This exposure can stimulate an immune response that provides protection from the flu without causing illness. Serious outcomes of flu infection can result in hospitalization or death.

There are few deaths and death reports are exaggerated. Distinguish influenza from other infectious diseases. A key step in the flus ability to infect is its ability to replicate or copy itself.

Yes because I believe that even protection only from symptomatic infections will have a dramatic. How is the flu vaccine made. Injecting the flu virus into fertilized chicken eggs.

Influenza flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. A nasal spray influenza vaccine containing. Flu vaccines that are administered with a needle flu shots are currently made in two ways.

Two different influenza vaccines cell-culture based inactivated vaccine and recombi-nant influenza vaccine or RIV are made without the use of eggs. COVID-19 is not dangerous. Types A and B.

The virus does this with the help of complexes called ribonucleoproteins. That means your body recognized the first shot and now its reacting to that. The vaccines were rushed The vaccines are killing people Natural immunity is.

A part of the viral coating that the immune system recognizes. Thats a good thing. So the name is not due to the source of infection but to the fact that this is a new type of flu that we are not able to respond well immunologically to because we have not previously encountered the swine component of this flus genetics.

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